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Music for me started as a hobby at an early age, but as the years went on it became more and more serious. Through the years I studied different aspects of music production from recording, composing to mixing and mastering. And with the help of my skills in visual story telling I added a visual catalyst to every release I had under different bands. This is where I could truly run wild with abstract ideas void of any boundaries.



SKYCABIN is an experimental electronic band which consists of me and my duo partner Sepand. Started in 2020 we decided to defy being boxed into a genre and be creatively adventurous. The avant-garde visuals in the music videos and Instagram artworks played a big role in our narrative and helped us set a unique tone. We decided to tell a somewhat continuous surreal story through each release and within a year the band picked up a decent amount of fans and followings from all over the world. Watch some of our music videos below:



BOD PROJECT is my first official musical project that came out in 2015. BOD songs are all in Farsi and has been targeting mostly the Iranian community which I'm originally from. There have been only two releases under this title, focusing on identity, immigration and love in crisis. Two music videos were published alongside the releases portraying surreal narratives about the stories behind the songs.

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