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"Sails the worlds of filmmaking, design and commercial direction. These diverse pursuits, including working with prominent brands and superstars, winning awards for his thought-provoking films, and contributing to high-profile projects like the Searchlight Pictures rebrand,  is a showcase of versatility and passion for the arts and a wide ranging interest throughout his creative journey."

- Curve Magazine 2021

2012 - 2015 // Represented by the Dentsu, directed commercials for prominent east asianbrands like Malaysian Airports and Asahi 

2015 - onwards // Represented by Warner Music Sweden, directed music videos for superstars like Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, and Pitbull

2016 - onwards // As a designer, worked with clients such as Google, Marvel, Fox and HBO. Most notably the rebrand design for Searchlight Pictures (2019) , where, under the creative direction of Mocean Studios was able to refresh the deco-inspired identity while maintaining key legacy elements of the original FOX Searchlight Pictures Brand

As a film maker, the "Two Little Boys", became eligible for the Oscars short narratives in 2020. After public release, the film trended online with over two million views on YouTube. Further, made a short animation in 2009 about Iran's state of Democracy which won the Democracy short film award sponsored by U.S department of state, was shown in United Nations, DGA, MPAA and got handed the award by Secretary of State (2010) Hillary Clinton.

Additionally, as a musician and composer, founded the experimental electronic band SKYCABIN in 2020, which has gathered fans and following from all over the world. Skycabin’s music videos have been theatrically premiered in Portland film festival and LA shorts film festival for the live audience


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