Farbod is an LA based Creative Director and Animator. Although he has been studying digital film and cinema since High School up to Masters, he owes much of his knowledge to his own research, various experiences and self training.

For the past 12 years, Farbod has worked around the globe with variety of clients and agencies from south east Asia, to middle east, west Africa, northern Europe and for the past 5 years, United States.

He has plenty of viral music videos and commercials under his directorial belt with more than 500+ million views in YouTube.

Other than commercial projects, Farbod has worked on variety of short and feature pieces that entered Sundance and Cannes Film Festival. His own award winning short film about democracy in Iran has been screened in venues such as, United Nations, Director's Guild of America and MPAA and was personally awarded by US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Farbod has recently settled in LA and is working on a contract basis with various major motion design studios for high profile projects.


On the side Farbod is continuing his passion as a film maker and has been aiming to produce at least one short film a year.